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PRE-WORKOUT RX™ – Energy & Vasodilator

If you are looking for a Pre-Workout that really delivers, try the new PRE-WORKOUT RX™, by PREMIER RX™. This is the supplement you have been dreaming of. It supports increased energy, increased focus, elevated fat burning and added strength.

Because of its unique sublingual liquid delivery system this pre-workout, unlike its many powdered competitors is readily and immediately absorbable directly into your bloodstream and in turn, into your entire system so you are ready to rock that workout in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to Maximum Absorption Technology (MAT), PREMIER RX™’s sublingual delivery system allows the body to absorb an astronomically unheard of 94.9% of each dose which goes straight into the bloodstream through the salivary glands ‘vs’ pills, capsules, and powders that are swallowed and diluted in potency having to pass through the digestive system. The result? – 4 to 5 times greater potency and immediate physical cellular motivation are achieved. And isn’t that exactly the point of taking a pre-workout? To get you up, motivated and ready to perform.

Directions: For best results, as a dietary supplement, take up to 4 droppers (4ml) once daily before working out. Squirt the dropper under your tongue and allow the liquid to sit for 45 seconds before swallowing to allow for maximum absorption into the bloodstream. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DOSE. This supplement does contain stimulants so it’s recommended that the initial doses are smaller in order to gauge sensitivity.