Estrogen Blocker Pharmaceutical Grade Lean Muscles

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From Premier Pharmaceutical Research:

On our research stage we tested our Estrogen Blocker Formula with several people for a period of 6 weeks with bikini competitors, men between 25 to 35 years old, men between 35 to 50 years old and men over 50 years old.

Here are some of our reviews from our test subjects:

Test Subject No 1: "For me weight cutting is always that uhh.... thus definitely helped amazingly especially with 2 droppers a day. I was skeptical for a natural Estrogen blocker but so glad my nutritionist brought thus into my life. Dries up really nice for that chisel. Regulates your hormones to keep that alpha male mentality high."

Test Subject No 2: "This product really dries you out! I feel fuller 24/7, my mood has been better, my sex drive is increasing, and I'm showing very positive improvements in my body comp. I think this would stack great with a nice fat burner, I'll probably run it again pre-summer with something to really get lean and peeled!

Test Subject No 3: "Gave me the definition and vascularity I needed headed towards my first, figure competition. I will use this product in the future when I need that extra, advantage. Excellent!"

Test Subject No 3: "Great product to stack with a thermogenic if you are looking to get lean and shredded! Really helps to target the stubborn areas like the chest, stomach, and lower back by lowering estrogen in the body! Also with less estrogen means higher levels of testosterone which will help to keep your strength levels up while cutting."

Test Subject No 4: "I am 47 year old and i was so discouraged about training and doing a great diet and cardio and that fat under my chest wasn't going away with nothing...Even my abs were getting lean and that stupid fat under my chest wasnt moving. So i heard about this trial product in a local store and got their information and contacted them...Its been 5 weeks now and the changes are incredible in that problematic area under my chest towards my arm pits. Not only that, my boody fat and water retention has gone down dramatically...I am not moody anymore and my wife is more happy (if you know what i mean)"